Endowment — a trust Fund designed to support the University community (students and faculty), which has long been used in many foreign and domestic universities.

The main purpose of the endowment Fund is financial support for gifted and creative young people, students and faculty of the consortium University, support for start-up projects of students and faculty.

Key areas of endowment:

  • quality of education;
  • science and research;
  • talented youth;
  • personnel potential;
  • promotion of InEU consortium name and success of its graduates.

The main tasks of creation endowment-fund:

  • improving the quality and prestige of education, creating an effective mechanism of interaction between graduates and InEU consortium;
  • creation of a powerful material and technical platform for the development of scientific and educational potential of InEU consortium;
  • financing of investment projects, scientific research, start-up projects of students and faculty of the consortium University;
  • financial support of InEU consortium target programs by establishing a close dialogue with the business community (in consultation with the alumni Association).